Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Sam Edelman Lorissa

Spiked heels are sexy. My fave is the Sam Edelman Lorissa. They have a spiked heel mixed in with some jewels and it is a HEAVY shoe. You could club someone over the head with this baby and do some real damage. But it's just SEXY. I got it in nude because my nude recently got damaged at the shoe repair place (such a disappointment, right? Now I have to find another shoe repair shop). But these haven't blistered or anything, and I get TONS of compliments. The pink is new, I think, but they have some colors at Zappos for $160 (always free shipping, too), which is the best price I could find. Overall, I love these and would definitely buy them again. They're going to be perfect for the summertime. Apparently Britney Spears thinks so too. She said in her MTV special that she owns them in black ;)

Sam Edelman Exie

Another Sam Edelman spike is the Exie, which is similar, but flat. This way you get the fun spikiness, but don't have to deal with the 5 inch heel. These only come in nude or black, though, so less fun options. I'd love it if they had different color option for these, and I think I'd buy it if they did. My flats have to have some bright colors on them. Cheapest is $100 from Cusp, but they only have black. Free shipping as well here. I like the spike trend. It's gorgeous but dangerous at the same time. Very femme fatale.

I love shoes too, but

I think a gorgeous red dress, just like the perfect shade of red lipstick, is something that every woman should own. To be honest, I haven't owned too many great red dresses, because 1. they're hard to find 2. I LOVE black and own about 6 versions of the strapless LBD.

When I was visiting NYC this past weekend I found this gorgeous red dress at Zara. The color has a hint of orange and looks gorgeous in photographs. A little pricey at $79.99, but definetly a good classic dress that should flatter most body types.

Just found another dress on that looks like it has fantastic silhouette . It also looks like something you can wear to the office and look sexy but appropriate. Additional bonus: you can wear it on a weekday first date and pretend like you just came from the office!

Low High Heels

While I love me some high heels, it seems like the best shoes these days are all 5" tall. Which is great, but I'm almost 6' in flats, so this puts me well over the height of the average man when I wear gorgeous shoes. And I'm not about to limit my shoe collection just because I'm an Amazon. But I like when shoe companies give you an option to "shop by heel height", because that at least gives me the opportunity to find cute heels in the 2"-3" range, which makes me look slightly less like I'm surrounded by hobbits. So I'm going to start a collection of all the brands that let you sort shoes by height, and I'll update it as I find more companies. I'm also going to include multi-company searches that allow you the same feature. allows you to choose from low, medium, or high heels give you options for ranges by inch.

More later, but it's the type of thing that's hard to search for, you really just have to know which sites do it, so it'll be an ongoing project.

JS Kairie

Jessica Simpson - Kairie

These shoes are a recent acquisition, referred to me by a friend. I honestly always thought Jessica Simpson shoes were uncomfortable, but these are surprisingly wearable considering the over 4" heel. The comments all said to buy a size larger, but I'm a 9.5 in flats and often 9.5 heels are a little loose in the back, so I went true-to-size, and it's just close enough to work. My toes are squished a bit, but that's the price of cute shoes. The color is gorgeous and unique, and I like that the heel is patent instead of suede, because I always feel so bad coating suede heels with mud or something. I don't think it's ever happened, but that's my fear, so I like the patent.
Found them on Amazon for $40, but they don't have many left in that color. The color itself is closer to the second picture, but a little greener than even that. It's more green than aqua, but definitely gorgeous.

Heels Wanted!

I love shoes. They are the one thing I will always buy, no matter my bank account balance. They have special "cheat card" status if I'm on a budget. I am definitely obsessed. Some are comfortable. Some are not. Some are so blister-inducing that I can only stare at them. So this blog is about shoes. Mostly heels. Maybe some flats. Heels are always wanted. Sensible shoes need not apply. Please apply within.