Wednesday, June 1, 2011

JS Kairie

Jessica Simpson - Kairie

These shoes are a recent acquisition, referred to me by a friend. I honestly always thought Jessica Simpson shoes were uncomfortable, but these are surprisingly wearable considering the over 4" heel. The comments all said to buy a size larger, but I'm a 9.5 in flats and often 9.5 heels are a little loose in the back, so I went true-to-size, and it's just close enough to work. My toes are squished a bit, but that's the price of cute shoes. The color is gorgeous and unique, and I like that the heel is patent instead of suede, because I always feel so bad coating suede heels with mud or something. I don't think it's ever happened, but that's my fear, so I like the patent.
Found them on Amazon for $40, but they don't have many left in that color. The color itself is closer to the second picture, but a little greener than even that. It's more green than aqua, but definitely gorgeous.

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