Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Low High Heels

While I love me some high heels, it seems like the best shoes these days are all 5" tall. Which is great, but I'm almost 6' in flats, so this puts me well over the height of the average man when I wear gorgeous shoes. And I'm not about to limit my shoe collection just because I'm an Amazon. But I like when shoe companies give you an option to "shop by heel height", because that at least gives me the opportunity to find cute heels in the 2"-3" range, which makes me look slightly less like I'm surrounded by hobbits. So I'm going to start a collection of all the brands that let you sort shoes by height, and I'll update it as I find more companies. I'm also going to include multi-company searches that allow you the same feature. allows you to choose from low, medium, or high heels give you options for ranges by inch.

More later, but it's the type of thing that's hard to search for, you really just have to know which sites do it, so it'll be an ongoing project.

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